101 Sports and Games Emoji to Use While Being Playful Online

Puns totally intended.

Humans have been into sports for centuries now. It’s not only a great way to keep one’s body fit and in the game, but it’s also a wonderful medium for unity. Much like any other animal, humans too bond over mutual interests. Which in our case, includes sports and games as well.

Think about the football fans over the world, or even niche sport fans. They’re all united. Sure, there may be breaches of competition in between, but like music, sports too can break the differentiating barriers humans have come to embrace so much.

If we were talk about sports in person, we’d use words. Strong, connecting and relatable words. If the same were to be replicated online, words would have been put to work before emojis came into the picture. Today, with just a single symbol (emoji) we can clearly convey the required message.

So, presenting all the sports and games emoji on the list!

Combat Sports

Racing Sports

Aerobics and Anaerobics

Snow/Winter Sports

Outdoor Adventure Sports

Ball Games

Disc Games

Target/Shooting Sports

Racket/Racquet Sports

Sweeping Sports

Water Sports


Biking/Cycling Sports

Manipulative Sports/Skills

Board Games/Sports

Online/Video Gaming

Card Games

The next time you want to add something related to sports literally or metaphorically online, we hope these emoji come to the rescue.