⛸️ Ice Skate


Skating, Gliding, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Choreography, Skill, Balance, Grip

⛸️ Meaning: A right-facing footgear with a white ankle-length shoe, designed with black lace, a black heel that is further welded with a thin metallic blade that helps smooth movement on ice.

The ⛸️ Ice Skate emoji signifies the art of ice skating, which can be performed in many genres such as sports, choreography, gymnastics, etc. This emoji could have a few metaphorical inferences to ice too.

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How and When to Use the ⛸️ Ice Skate Emoji

  • If you’re telling someone about how someone else or the person you’re texting is ‘walking on thin ice’, or if you’re sharing a social media story/repost with a similar message, you can use ⛸️ in those contexts.
  • Examples of the previous point would be: “Oh hahaha. Chill bro, you’re walking on thin ice ⛸️” or “Congratulations! Our environment is on thin ice⛸️ Thanks to us!“.
  • ⛸️ can also be used to express the act of ‘gliding’. For instance, “How about I glide to your place and grab your keys? ⛸️”.
  • If you’re posting a social media story or post of the ice day you’ve been so eager for, you can use ⛸️ – “Finally! I can bunk school and not be guilty about it! Thanks, have an ice day ⛸️”.
  • Use ⛸️ while sharing pictures and/or videos of yourself ice skating, that of someone close to you, or even a repost of an incredible skating video!

Other Names

  • ⛸️ Ice Skating
  • ⛸️ Ice Skates
  • ⛸️ Ice Skating Dance
  • ⛸️ Ice Skating Shoes
  • ⛸️ Shoe With Blade