⛳ Flag in Hole


Golfing, Golf Course, Luxury, Wealth, Rich Man’s Sport, Leisure, Greenery

Meaning: A circular green patch that is slightly raised at the top, containing a hole that’s hosting a flag with a yellow post and a triangular red piece of cloth wavering at the top.

The ⛳ Flag in Hole emoji represents a golf course. It suggests the game and art of golf, along with other labels such as a ‘rich man’s sport’ attached to golfing. This emoji signifies wealth and luxury as well.

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How and When to Use the ⛳ Flag in Hole Emoji

  • ‘Rich’ can be more than just a status. Many times it’s also used in a sense of talking down to someone, especially if both parties are in the same boat. So, if you’re playfully using the word and the reference in a conversation, you can use ⛳. For example, “Woah! Just a sec. I overeat?! That’s a bit rich coming from you, actually ⛳”.
  • Also, you could bring ⛳ into the context if it involves both ‘wealth’ and ‘sports’. For instance, “Wow. That’s the biggest party I’ll be going to. But, whatever. I’m game! ⛳”.
  • If you’re texting your best friend about how terribly horrible something went, you can use ⛳. Like, “Jesus. That conversation was definitely under par ⛳”.
  • Use ⛳ while sharing pictures of gorgeous golf courses! It can be one that you went to, a golf hopping experience, or even a repost of a bunch of pictures and information.

Other Names

  • ⛳ Golf Course
  • ⛳ Par Score
  • ⛳ Golfing
  • ⛳ Golf Flag
  • ⛳ Golf Flag and Golf Ball
  • ⛳ Golf Hole With Golf Flag
  • ⛳ Rich Man’s Sport