🏏Cricket Game


Game, Sportsmanship, Field Play, Team Sports, League, Scoring

🏏 Meaning: A seemingly wooden bat with a yellow body and a black handle placed slantingly over a red ball that has a stitched lining at the middle.

Apart from just representing a game of cricket and any match, league, or championship related to it, the 🏏 Cricket Game emoji would take on the various figures of speech and idioms used on the field as well.

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How and When to Use the 🏏 Cricket Game Emoji

  • While sharing tribute posts or even ‘happy birthday’ posts for your favorite cricketer on your social media handle, ensure to use 🏏 in the caption!
  • If you’re the kind to follow up your feed with the latest cricket news, updates, viral videos or pictures, interviews, anything to do with the game, make sure to bring 🏏 into the caption.
  • In cricket per se, ‘score’ or ‘scoring’ is the intention. So, if you’re using these exact words or a reference to them in suitable contexts, then too, you can use 🏏 – “You got to score this opportunity, man 🏏”.
  • Also, idiomatically speaking, you could use 🏏 to infer that something or someone is being unfair. For instance, “It’s not cricket for you to throw personal frustrations on the people you love, you know 🏏”.

Other Names

  • 🏏 Bat and Ball
  • 🏏 Cricketing
  • 🏏 Cricket
  • 🏏 Cricket Bat and Ball
  • 🏏 Cricket Gear