🏂 Snowboarder


Snurfing, Winter Adventure Sport, Skateboarding on Snow, Skill, Excitement, Holiday Season, Christmas

🏂 Meaning: A gender-neutral representation of a person completely dressed in warm clothes, standing put on a snowboard, with the hands held apart for balance while the head looks straight down onto the path.

The 🏂 Snowboarder emoji refers to the winter activity of snowboarding, which is basically skateboarding, but on snow. It signifies the winter and holiday season, the time of Christmas, and even an act of recreation.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🏂 Snowboarder Emoji

  • If you’re posting a picture or video of you snowboarding either as a post, a social media story, or a tweet, you can use 🏂 in the caption, within the story or the tweet.
  • If you’re reposting or retweeting a fantastic snowboarding video that you came across, you can use 🏂 in that caption too.
  • If you’re posting about a winter video game character or a winter-themed video game that you’re playing, you can use 🏂 in the caption.
  • If you’re buddies and you are discussing winter vacation plans and you’re pitching in the snowboarding idea, then tag the 🏂 emoji with that suggestion. If they revoke the idea, send the emoji repeatedly.
  • If you’re a die-hard snowboarder, or you just love the idea of snowboarding, you can use 🏂 in your social media profile name.
  • Apart from snowboarding, 🏂 can also be used in the context of other boardsports, such as wakeboarding, sandboarding, etc.
  • Since skateboard has quite a lot of cool-factor attached to it, snowboarding too can evoke similar emotions. So, if you’re posting a cool picture or video of yourself, you can use 🏂 in the caption. For example, “Keepin’ it real since ’95 🏂”.

Other Names

  • 🏂 Gender-Neutral Snowboarder
  • 🏂 Snurfing
  • 🏂 Snurfer (snow + surfer)
  • 🏂 Skateboarding on Snow
  • 🏂 Snowboard
  • 🏂 Winter Adventure Sport
  • 🏂 Jibbing
  • 🏂 Freestyle Snowboarding
  • 🏂 Alpine Snowboarding
  • 🏂 Snowboard Racing