🏇 Horseracing


Horseback Riding, Jockeying, Maneuvering, Outdoor Activity, Equestrianism

🏇 Meaning: A combination emoji, with a jockey dressed in the typical horse rider’s uniform sitting in a charging posture on a racehorse that is also positioned in a gesture of galloping forward.

The 🏇 Horseracing emoji refers to the sport of horseracing or rather jockeying – which can signify the act of maneuvering a horse or even one’s own life (if speaking metaphorically). It can also refer to a cowboy.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🏇 Horseracing Emoji

  • If you’re at a horseracing game and you’re texting someone about it, or posting a tweet or story on your social media handle, you can use 🏇 in that context.
  • If you dressed up or dressed up your little one as a cowboy, and you’re posting pictures in these cute costumes, you can use 🏇 in the caption.
  • You can also send 🏇 in textual conversations as a way of showing that you’re racing towards something or someone. For example, if you’re partner announces that no one’s at home, you can reply with “Yeehaw! I’mma be there in 5 🏇”.
  • If you’re posting a video of you or someone else doing the “Old Town Road“, you can use 🏇 in the caption. (If you’re confused, “Old Town Road” was a famous song that many used in making videos, tiktoks, memes, etc).
  • If you’re posting a picture with your jockey buddies, you can use 🏇 in the caption.
  • If you’re a professional jockey, or you love horseriding, use 🏇 in your social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🏇 Horse Riding
  • 🏇 Jockey
  • 🏇 Gender-Neutral Horse Rider
  • 🏇 Riding a Horse
  • 🏇 Horse Racing
  • 🏇 Equestrian
  • 🏇 Horseback Ride
  • 🏇 In the Saddle