⚾ Baseball


Speed, Focus, Eye-Hand Coordination, Team Work, Discipline, Outdoor Sport

Meaning: A white ball with two inwardly curving lines stitched in red such that the stitches are seen as short red lines. The ⚾ Baseball emoji represents the game, literally, and attributes such as focus, eye-hand coordination, team works, and speed, most of all, metaphorically.

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How and When to Use the ⚾ Baseball Emoji

  • Baseball and idioms are pretty much the same things. ⚾ would come in handy for any baseball idiom you’re throwing into a conversation.
  • If you’re texting someone about an unexpected event, conversation, or a surprise, indeed, you could use ⚾. For instance, “I really had a curveball coming my way and I didn’t even notice ⚾”.
  • Use ⚾ while sharing that awesome news about how a close friend succeeded at something or about how you finally made it! – “After all these years, she’s finally done it! Earned herself a home run ⚾”.
  • If you’re being the classic know-it-all or you’re telling someone that they are one, use ⚾. For example, “Of course you knew it all right off the bat, mate⚾. You’re practically the bat, right?!”.
  • If you’re feeling sorry for someone or something, and you’re texting a close friend or typing out a quote/caption resonating with the same, you could use ⚾. Like, “It’s painful when you strikeout each time you try, you know ⚾”.

Other Names

  • ⚾ Baseball Game
  • ⚾ Softball
  • ⚾ Cricket (not exactly, but works)
  • ⚾ Ball With Red Lines
  • ⚾ Hardball
  • ⚾ Fastball
  • ⚾ Fly Ball