🧩 Puzzle Piece


Complex, Problem, Solution, Missing Piece, Jigsaw Puzzle, Solving, Pieces

🧩 Meaning: A green puzzle piece that has a pair of round hollow bits at the sides and full rounds at the top and bottom. The 🧩 Puzzle Piece emoji represents a piece from a jigsaw puzzle. But it can signify a piece of anything, including a ‘missing piece’.

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How and When to Use the 🧩 Puzzle Piece Emoji

  • If you’re sharing an appreciation post for that special person in your life who made everything much better and beautiful, you can use 🧩 in the context. For instance, “You were the missing piece to my massive jigsaw puzzle 🧩”.
  • You can also use 🧩 to indicate a missing piece in not-so-romantic contexts too. For example, “You got to find the missing piece 🧩. And the only thing missing here is yourself”.
  • 🧩 can also be used to represent something complex or something that you had to ‘solve’. For instance, “Dudeee. That movie was such a puzzle!” or “This is your puzzle, man. You ought to figure it out 🧩”.
  • Similarly, 🧩 can be used to indicate a solution too. Like, “There’s always a solution to everything 🧩 Its your job to find it”.
  • If you’re speaking of ‘pieces’ in any framework, then too, 🧩 comes handy – “Piece by piece I collected me 🧩” (not a typo, it is what it is) or “You’re pieces of beauty put together to make magic 🧩”.

Other Names

  • 🧩 Missing Piece
  • 🧩 Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 🧩 Puzzle
  • 🧩 Pieces
  • 🧩 Solution
  • 🧩 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece
  • 🧩 Piece of a Puzzle