🏈 American Football


Gridiron. Canadian Football, Super Bowl, Team Game, Sports, Outdoor Activity

🏈 Meaning: An oval-shaped ball with two circular white markings on both ends and short stitch-like marks in between, very similar to the stitch in ⚾ Baseball and 🥎 Softball.

The 🏈 American Football emoji represents ‘gridiron‘ played in the USA and Canada. Having similar features to a rugby ball, this emoji works aptly only for American and/or Canadian football.

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How and When to Use the 🏈 American Football Emoji

  • While sharing information about an upcoming football game, a live game, or even that of a previous match, you can use 🏈 in the caption.
  • If you’re going to watch the game, and you’re either indicating the same to someone you’re texting or inviting them to join you, use 🏈. For instance, “Hey. I’m watching the game, wanna join? 🏈 At a friend’s place, lol. Not the stadium”.
  • Also, don’t forget to pull 🏈 into the framework while sharing Super Bowl posts/reposts! It can be a news post, a viral post, a video/picture of the game, anything.
  • Use 🏈 in the caption while sharing a birthday post, an appreciation post, or even a tribute post/repost dedicated to a football player.

Other Names

  • 🏈 Canadian Football
  • 🏈 USA Football
  • 🏈 Gridiron
  • 🏈 Super Bowl
  • 🏈 Football

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