🧑‍🦼 Person in Motorised Wheelchair


Helplessness, Dependency, Reliance, Disability, Physical Disability, Wheelchair Friendly, Speed

🧑‍🦼 Meaning: A sideway portrayal of a gender-neutral person sitting on an electric wheelchair, with the legs placed safely on the footplate and the arms resting on the armrest.

The 🧑‍🦼 Person in Motorised Wheelchair emoji refers to any person with a physical disability, irrespective of gender, and sex. This emoji can also signify helplessness, dependency, and a sense of vulnerability too.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🧑‍🦼 Person in Motorised Wheelchair Emoji

  • If you’re starting to feel helpless in a particular situation, it can be work-related, personal and family matters, anything, and you’re texting a trusted friend about it, you can use 🧑‍🦼 in that context.
  • 🧑‍🦼 can also signify the term “Wheelchair Friendly”. So, if you’re posting an e-announcement, e-invite, or anything online, and the event tends to the needs and requirements of a person with any disability, you can use this emoji in such scenarios.
  • If you’re posting an inspiring video, picture, or tweet about a person with a physical disability, you can use 🧑‍🦼 in the caption.
  • If you’re leaving a particular situation, chat, or a conversation, you can use 🧑‍🦼 to dramatically state that. Like “Alright, had enough of bs. I’m outta here 🧑‍🦼”.
  • 🧑‍🦼 can be paired with the 💨 Dashing Away emoji to signify speed or speeding up or speeding away. For example “Oh my gosh. Don’t do it 🧑‍🦼💨”.
  • You can also use 🧑‍🦼 to denote a sense of driving yourself towards or away from someone or something.

Other Names

  • 🧑‍🦼 Gender-Neutral Person in Motorised Wheelchair
  • 🧑‍🦼 Person in Electric Wheelchair
  • 🧑‍🦼 Person in Powered Wheelchair
  • 🧑‍🦼 Person With Physical Disability
  • 🧑‍🦼 Wheelchair User
  • 🧑‍🦼 Disabled Person
  • 🧑‍🦼 Wheelchair Friendly
  • 🧑‍🦼 Physically Disabled