♥️ Heart Suit


Playing Cards, Trick Taking, Playing, Queen of Hearts, Love, Admiration

♥️ Meaning: A red heart very much like the ❤️ Red Heart, but deeper in shade and a little matte in texture. The ♥️ Heart Suit emoji represents one of the groups in a deck of cards. However, this emoji and the red heart are quite often used interchangeably, both expressing love and appreciation.

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How and When to Use the ♥️ Heart Suit Emoji

  • Is there a ‘queen of hearts’ amidst you, or on your friends’ list whom you’re sharing a social media story/post for? Or are you referring to yourself as one in your post caption? If yes, then you could use ♥️. Like, “I may be the queen of hearts, but it’s mine that I care the most for ♥️”.
  • In any conversation, ♥️ can be used to express love, concern, affection, and admiration. For example, “Omgg. That’s so thoughtful! ♥️”.
  • And since the shade of ♥️ is red or deep red, this emoji can also be used in frameworks where the subject is of the same shade and there’s also a predominant emotion of love attached to the subject. For instance, “Got this lip shade for the festive season!! ♥️”.
  • Also, use ♥️ in the caption while sharing pictures, videos, or even quotes dedicated to the people you love the most.

Other Names

  • ♥️ Hearts
  • ♥️ Red Heart
  • ♥️ Playing Cards Heart
  • ♥️ Queen of Hearts
  • ♥️ Deck of Hearts
  • ♥️ Red Heart Symbol

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