Category: 🍔 Food & Drink

🍇 Grapes

Fruits, Purple, Red Grapes, Grape Wine, Grape Juice, Luxury, Grapevine Communication

🍈 Melon

Muskmelon, Cantaloupe, Pepo, Berry, Fruit Salad

🍊 Tangerine

Citric Fruits, Summer, Energy, Warmth, Vitamin C, Tan, Good Vibes

🍋 Lemon

Citrus, Health, Failure, Worthless, Bitterness, Vibrance, Summer, Lemonade, Beauty

🍍 Pineapple

Tangy, Tropical Fruit, Welcoming, Hospitality, Sweetness, Friendship, SpongeBob SquarePants

🥭 Mango

Summers, King of Fruits, Mangrove, Mango Dishes, Mango Pickle, Festival Season, Weddings

🍎 Red Apple

Health, Fruit Salad, Apple Pie, Apple Juice, Keeps the Doctor Away, Temptation, Disobedience

🍏 Green Apple

Health, Organic, Going Green, Flavour, Nutrition, Fibre, Protein

🍐 Pear

Comfort, Health, Sweetness, Mild Flavour, Pear Body Shape, Smoothness

🍉 Watermelon

Summer, Watermelon Juice, Spiked Watermelon, Sexuality, Love, Lust

🍌 Banana

Berry, Fruit, Fibre, Vitamin C, Banana Milkshake, Banana Plant, Plantain

🍑 Peach

Peach Colour, Longevity, Vitality, Good Health, Eroticism, Derrière

🍒 Cherries

Beauty, Flavour, Christmas, Love, Lust, Seduction, Femininity

🍓 Strawberry

Tang, Sweetness, Sour, Textured Covering, Purity, Femininity, Sensuality, Passion

🫐 Blueberries

Optimism, Confidence, Health, Beneficial, Non-Seasonal, Youth, Marijuana

🥝 Kiwi

Healthy, Organic, Go Green, Exotic, Flavoursome, Summer, Vitamins

🍅 Tomato

Summer, La Tomatina, Health, Nutrition, FRUIT, sensuality, Passion, Versatility

🫒 Olive

Health, Cooking, Beauty, Olive Oil, Strength, Spirituality, Peace

🥥 Coconut

Tropical, Health, Beauty, Cooking, Divinity, Culture, Hard Shelled, Tough, Sweet, Coconut Water

🥑 Avocado

Health, Nourishment, Beauty, Aphrodisiac, Green, Organic, Ovarian Health