Category: 🍔 Food & Drink

🏺 Amphora

Antiquity, Antique Container, Greek and Roman Times, Vase, History, Archaeology

🔪 Kitchen Knife

Cooking, Kitchenware, Killed It, Virtual Kill, Vibe Kill, Weaponry, Hunt

🥄 Spoon

Silverware, Silver Spoon, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Kitchenware, Spooning

🥢 Chopsticks

Chinese Food, South Asian Cuisine, Japanese and Korean Food, Tradition, Culture

🧊 Ice

Ice Cube (both nouns), On the Rocks, Drinking,

🧉 Mate

Caffeine, Strong Coffee, South American Caffeinated Drink, Stimulant

🧃 Beverage Box

Juice Box, Apple Juice, Health, Snack, Kids, Childish, Immature, Naive