🥌 Curling Stone


Strategy, Sweeping, Brushing, Sports, Ice, Skill, Moving Rocks

🥌 Meaning: A thick circular stone, smooth on the sides, designed as a sandwich, with the top and bottom stones being of the same color and the middle one being different, while the whole stone has a red handle on top.

The 🥌 Curling Stone emoji represents the sport of curling, also known as chess on ice. This emoji signifies skill, strategy, ‘sweeping’, gliding movement, and physical strength.

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How and When to Use the 🥌 Curling Stone Emoji

  • Curling is all about moving rocks, and so, 🥌 can be used in a metaphorical sense surrounding this essence of the game. For example, “You gotta move rocks before you can move mountains 🥌”.
  • You could also use 🥌 as a way of saying make way or indicating to make way for something or someone. For instance, “Make way for goodness in your life, and the good things will follow 🥌”.
  • Besides, 🥌 can also be used to indicate ‘weight’, ‘a rock’; essentially something that emphasizes or adds weightage to something. Like, “Never. I repeat. Never settle for anything less 🥌”.
  • Use 🥌 in the caption while sharing videos or glimpses from an epic curling match; one that’s worldwide famous, like a viral post, or even one from a local match.

Other Names

  • 🥌 Curling
  • 🥌 Granite Stone
  • 🥌 Chess on Ice
  • 🥌 Rocks
  • 🥌 Granite Rocks
  • 🥌 Round Stone
  • 🥌 Smooth Stone