♠️ Spade Suit


Spades, Playing Cards, Tarot, Leaf, Heart, Death, Trick Taking

♠️ Meaning: A black upside-down heart with a tiny stem following the same outline at the bottom. The ♠️ Spade Suit emoji has a direct reference to playing cards and other frameworks that may use these cards.

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How and When to Use the ♠️ Spade Suit Emoji

  • Historically, spades have symbolized the nobility aka the military. Essentially, ♠️ may also mean a ‘sword’ in terms of pips or symbols. Hence, you could use this emoji in the context of war, history, sword fighting, pretty much anything to do with swords and fighting.
  • Also, ♠️ looks like a leaf as well, which thus links to the cosmic tree. So, if you’re into Tarot; a reader, an enthusiast, or just someone who likes Tarot, then you can use ♠️ if you’re referring to intellect or death.
  • There’s not just a queen of hearts, there’s a queen of spades as well and she is an interpretation of death. Keeping this angle in mind, and the previous point, but not exactly from a Tarot POV, ♠️ fits fine if you’re inferring death in any context.
  • Lastly, use ♠️ to indicate that you’re playing, if you’re inviting someone over for a game, or if you’re sharing a social media post/story of the same.

Other Names

  • ♠️ Spades
  • ♠️ Sword
  • ♠️ Trick Taking
  • ♠️ Spades Playing Cards
  • ♠️ Leaf-Shaped Pips
  • ♠️ Heart Symbol
  • ♠️ Cosmic Tree

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