⚽ Soccer Ball


Game, Goal, Scoring, Football, Stadium, Sports, Team Spirit, Unity

Meaning: A ball with alternate black and white pentagon patches covering the surface. The ⚽ Soccer Ball emoji represents soccer as the name suggests. It could also mean a game of ‘football’ in countries where ‘soccer’ is not exactly the word used for it.

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How and When to Use the ⚽ Soccer Ball Emoji

  • If you’re asking/advising someone to pay attention to someone or something, you can use ⚽ as a way of saying “You’d better keep your eyes on the ball, mate Could get kicked in the face if ya don’t”.
  • Speaking of a kick, ⚽ could signify both, the literal and metaphorical action. For instance, “This little kid kicked a football over the damn stadium!! ⚽” or “I’m just sick and tired of being kicked around like I’m nothing. Maybe I should teach all of them a lesson! ⚽”.
  • Use ⚽ while talking about how unfair someone or something is – “He didn’t ACTUALLY win, did he now? He widened every goalpost in his way ⚽”. This use-case works for both literal and idiomatic frameworks.
  • If you’re sharing a post or a repost about/for a footballer (famous or not), a post/text message about a gamechanger (either in a literal soccer game or otherwise), you can use ⚽ in the caption. For instance, “Damn. That show was a gamechanger! ⚽”.

Other Names

  • ⚽ Football
  • ⚽ Black and White Ball
  • ⚽ Soccer
  • ⚽ American Football
  • ⚽ Pigskin
  • ⚽ Pigskin Sport
  • ⚽ Kicking Ball