🛷 Sled


Winter, Christmas, Santa, Reindeers, Gliding, Movement, Pulling, Deceivement

🛷 Meaning: A red sledge with an upper platform designed with planks or metal rods, a pair of metal curves with black ends, supporting the structure at the bottom and other metal structures facilitating the overall grip.

The 🛷 Sled emoji, also known as sledge and sleigh, represents one of the most loved winter sports and leisure activities. It signifies fun, excitement, winter, and Christmas too! (rings any bells?)

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How and When to Use the 🛷 Sled Emoji

  • Sleighing is a smooth locomotive mode of mostly leisure. And idiomatically speaking, people can take you for a sleigh ride as well – “She’s taking him for a sleigh ride and he can’t even see it 🛷 UGH“.
  • If you’re sharing Christmas countdown posts/reposts, or any content to do with the season, either on your social media feed or story, you can use 🛷.
  • You can also use 🛷 in the contexts of ‘Secret Santa’; if you’re ‘secretly’ texting someone about it, dropping hints, or even posting a social media story at the end of the game.
  • Sleighs and Reindeers go hand in hand, and both have a common ground; Christmas. So, if you’re wishing someone on the eve, sharing a picture your son/daughter drew for Christmas, a narrative about/for Rudolph or dressing up as him, etc, use 🛷 in those frameworks!

Other Names

  • 🛷 Sledge
  • 🛷 Sleigh
  • 🛷 Jingle Bells!
  • 🛷 Dasher
  • 🛷 Kibitka
  • 🛷 Carriole
  • 🛷 Toboggan
  • 🛷 Komatik