♟️ Chess Pawn


Chess, Pawned Off, Weakness, Support, Infantry, Puppet, Tool

♟️ Meaning: A black pawn, also known as the ‘soldier’, ‘infantry’, ‘pikemen’ or the ‘armed peasants’ in a game of chess. The ♟️ Chess Pawn represents chess as a whole. It also signifies weakness, limited power, and a sense of being used as a tool or even a puppet for personal good.

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How and When to Use the ♟️ Chess Pawn Emoji

  • If you’re texting your bestie about how you or someone else has/had been used as a ‘pawn’ in any situation, feel free to use ♟️. For example, “She was just a pawn in his stupid breakup story ♟️”.
  • A pawn can also be something that is valuable, often sold, or bought for cash more than kind. In such a perspective, you could use ♟️ to refer to an asset. Like, “It’s a dearly cherished wall clock, man. Maybe worth thousands at the pawnshop ♟️ But, I’m not giving it up”.
  • You could also use ♟️ to say that someone or something has been ‘pawned’ irrespective of whether the previous point was the precedent. For instance, “They pawned her off after she had literally accepted them as her own family ♟️”.
  • The pawn is the weakest member of the chess family. And just like that, you could use ♟️ to indicate weakness. Like, “The problem wasn’t that they thought I was young. The problem was that they thought I was weak♟️”.
  • Also, ♟️ is the only emoji that refers to chess, Hence you could use this emoji in any context that mentions or means ‘chess’.

Other Names

  • ♟️ Pawn
  • ♟️ Soldier
  • ♟️ Infantry
  • ♟️ Armed Peasant
  • ♟️ Pikeman
  • ♟️ Black Pawn
  • ♟️ Black Chess Pawn