Category: 📱 Objects

🪃 Boomerang

Return, Karma, Reverse, Backfire, Come Back, Rebound, Recoil, Third Law of Motion

🪙 Coin

Money, Penny, Value, Finances, Saving, Piggy Bank, Silver/Gold Coin

🩴 Thong Sandal

Comfort, Beach Footwear, House Footwear, Flipflops, Casual, Thongs

🪗 Accordion

Music, Orchestra, Skill, Musical Instrument, Squeezebox, Box-Shaped Instrument, Accordionist

🪛 Screwdriver

Installing, Fastening, Electrical Work, Garage, Loosening, Unscrewing, Screwdriver Drink

🪝 Hook

Support, Clasp, Fastener, Hook Up, Hooked Onto, Off the Hook, Hanging

🪜 Ladder

Climb Up, Scale, Climb Down, Corporate Ladder, Back and Forth

🛗 Elevator

Lift, Upward and Downward Movement, Elevation, Upliftment, Pushing Buttons, Shortcuts

🪞 Mirror

Reflection, Reality Check, Beauty, Looking Glass, Reflector, Pier Glass

🪟 Window

Perspective, Outlook, Opportunity, Viewpoint, Ventilation, Lighting

🪠 Plunger

Decluttering, Freeing Up, Unclogging, Unblocking, Unplugging

🪤 Mouse Trap

Hidden Danger, Deceit, Trickery, Dishonesty, Caught in the Act, Red Handed

🪣 Bucket

Fetching, Container, Bathroom, Watertight, Die, Measurement Unit, Ice Bucket

🪥 Toothbrush

Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Self-Care, Brush Off, Cleanliness, Routine

🪦 Headstone

Graveyard, Cemetery, Death, Halloween, Souls, RIP, Tombstone

🪧 Placard

Message, Billboard, Protest March, Empowerment, Support, Revolution, Movement

🪘 Long Drum

Musical Instrument, Traditional Instrument, Tree Trunk Instrument, Tubular Drum

👓 Glasses

Prescription, Sight, Vision, Lens, Perception, Viewpoint, Reading Glasses