🏑 Field Hockey


Field Game, Team Play, Aim, Focus, Strategy, Outdoor and Indoor Sport

🏑 Meaning: A hockey stick, the lower half of which is painted mustard yellow with a pair of double stripes and the top, wrapped in black tape, standing next to a white hockey ball. The 🏑 Field Hockey emoji signifies a popular variation of the game that is played both indoors and outdoors.

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How and When to Use the 🏑 Field Hockey Emoji

  • If you’re sharing content on hockey merchandise, hockey fashion, anything to do with the style of the game, you can use 🏑 in the caption. This holds good even while reposting pictures of hockey models, or even of yourself dressed up in a hockey jersey.
  • If you’re a hockey player (pro or not), so much that your daily lingo reflects the game, you can use 🏑 while expressing that something or something is impressive! – “I’ve never come across such a beauty! 🏑”.
  • While texting someone about your Sunday morning scene or even while inviting them over for the same, use 🏑. For instance, “Sunday mornings begin pretty early for me. I’ll be on the field 🏑”.

Other Names

  • 🏑 Hockey Pusher and Ball
  • 🏑 Hockey Stick and Hockey Ball
  • 🏑 Hockey
  • 🏑 Field Hockey Stick and Ball
  • 🏑 Beginner’s Stick