🏐 Volleyball


Sports, Outdoor Game, Netball, Vigor, Strength, Focus, Power

🏐 Meaning: A white ball with fold-like lines throughout the object. The lines seem to be following a circular pattern in groups of three. The 🏐 Volleyball emoji indicates a game of volleyball and other games that are similar to volleyball, or rather variations of the same game.

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How and When to Use the 🏐 Volleyball Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a picture of some beach volleyball from your vacation, a meme of a failed volleyball throw, any content referring to any variation of the game, you can use 🏐 in the caption or text message.
  • In the same framework as ‘beach volleyball’, use 🏐 to suggest the activity when someone says “And what are we going to do on the beach for so long?”.
  • If you’re texting your bestie about how someone seems to be ‘out of your league’ or vice versa, you can use 🏐 (brownie points if the other person if a volleyball player or a better one than you!).
  • Also, we all love ranting, don’t we? And its all the more better on a textual conversation. So, why not use some creativity to boost the mundane experience? For example, “Guess, WHAT. He dropped the ball, and I aka ME out of all workers in there need to fix his mess! 🏐”.

Other Names

  • 🏐 Netball
  • 🏐 White Ball
  • 🏐 Volleyball Game
  • 🏐 Beach Volleyball
  • 🏐 Aquatic Volleyball
  • 🏐 Footvolley
  • 🏐 Snow Volleyball
  • 🏐 Bossaball