🤺 Person Fencing


Fencing, Sword Fighting, Skill, Knowledge, Knack, Swordsmanship, War, Self Defense, Courage

🤺 Meaning: A gender-neutral person dressed in a fencing suit and safety headgear, while the character holds a motioning posture with one hand holding a sword, one leg held a little higher and the remaining limbs held in a gesture of self-defense.

The 🤺 Person Fencing emoji refers to a person participating in the sport of fencing; which is basically fighting with swords. It signifies expertise, bravery, skill, passion for the sport, self-defense, and the act of fighting for pleasure or as a sport.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤺 Person Fencing Emoji

  • If someone said something offensive or hurtful on text (in a casual, playful and very low-key manner, of course), you can use 🤺 as a way of showing self-defense or even saying “Back off” or “STFU 🤺”.
  • If you’re posting about a video game that involves sword fighting or you’re sharing a live stream of your game where you’re playing a fencer, you can use 🤺 in the caption.
  • You can also use 🤺 in your social media profile name if you’re a fencer yourself, or you find the sport fascinating or you love swords.
  • 🤺 can be used in the caption while posting about your favorite video game characters too (most preferably, sword fighters or fencers).
  • If you’re advising your best friend about her mental and physical safety or you’re building some grit in her, you can use 🤺 in that conversation. For example, “Listen. You got this. Hold your head high, and kick anyone in the gut if they get to you 🤺”
  • 🤺 can also be used in the contexts of warriors, fighters, soldiers, etc.

Other Names

  • 🤺 Fencer
  • 🤺 Sword Fighter
  • 🤺 Gender-Neutral Fencer
  • 🤺 Sword Fight
  • 🤺 Swordsmanship
  • 🤺 Sword Fighting (with swords, for heaven’s sake.)
  • 🤺 Skilled Fighter