🏉 Rugby Football


Outdoor Sport, Physical Fitness, Health, Muscular Strength, Team Game

🏉 Meaning: A slightly bulkier oval ball as compared to the 🏈 American Football, with light-brown skin, rugged lines as designs and a couple of stitched lines at the middle.

The 🏉 Rugby Football emoji signifies the sport, the game, and every competition or league associated with rugby. This emoji can also signify team play, outdoor sports, muscle strength, and overall vigor.

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How and When to Use the 🏉 Rugby Football Emoji

  • Apart from just the game, you can also use 🏉 in the caption while posting content on rugby fashion.
  • If you’re sharing a picture of yourself with a caption that resonates with the values of rugby, or your personal sentiments with the game, use 🏉 in it.
  • If you’re sharing a ‘TGIF’ social media story/post/text message, thus indicating that you’ll have loads of time to enjoy your leisure rugby time, play a match, or watch one, you can use 🏉.
  • Also, use 🏉 while sharing info about the game, an ongoing league, a match you’re taking part in, or even countdown posts/stories of the much-awaited championship(s)!

Other Names

  • 🏉 Rugby
  • 🏉 Football
  • 🏉 League
  • 🏉 Championship
  • 🏉 Union
  • 🏉 Pigskin Sport

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