🪁 Kite


Flying, Freedom, Soaring, High, Elated, Leisure, Lightness

🪁 Meaning: A deltoid fabric sewn with a longer end at the bottom, that has consecutive triangular sections of purple and blue, held by a string from the back while having a blue streamer at the bottom end.

The 🪁 Kite emoji represents kite flying as a leisure activity and a sport or a dual that may be casually waged. This emoji signifies flight, flying, freedom, and a sense of being or maybe even feeling light.

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How and When to Use the 🪁 Kite Emoji

  • If you’re intoxicatingly feeling high as a kite or just feeling alive, happy, and that kind of high, you can use 🪁 if you’re sharing a social media story, post, or direct message (DM) of the same. Like, “Quite feeling it today, I must say 🪁”.
  • A kite would signify soaring while being held down and grounded at the same time. So, if your post caption captures this emotion, you can use 🪁. For instance, “It’s beautiful to touch the skies while knowing it’s alright to land once in a while 🪁”.
  • You could also use 🪁 to suggest freedom in any context. For example, “Finally on my own! Never felt this great 🪁”.
  • However, 🪁 can also indicate a sense of getting out of hand if kite flying is not really your thing. So, if you’re texting about something or someone getting out of hand, you could use this emoji – “Things are starting to get out of control, man 🪁 Idk what to do about this mess“.

Other Names

  • 🪁 Kite Flying
  • 🪁 Soaring Kite
  • 🪁 Kiting
  • 🪁 Deltoid
  • 🪁 Flying Kite
  • 🪁 Purple and Blue Kite