🃏 Joker


Fool, Foolishness, Wit, Comic, Mockery, Clown, Buffoon

🃏 Meaning: A vertically rectangular pale white card with rounded ends, printed diagonally with a ‘J’ on the top left corner and the bottom right corner. The center is occupied by the face of a jester or a fool.

The 🃏 Joker emoji represents one of the cards in a deck. But, it could also signify wit and foolishness, which could be directly proportional to the significance of a clown, a joker, a buffoon, or even a comic.

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How and When to Use the 🃏 Joker Emoji

  • If you’re texting a close someone about a foolish move you or someone you know made, you can use 🃏. For example, “I don’t know wtf I was even thinking, ugh 🃏 I regret it so bad”.
  • If someone or something’s a joke, kindly use 🃏 – “All the world is a joke and here I am laughing at myself 🃏”.
  • Any context that involves foolishness or wit could use 🃏. Like, “You can’t separate a fool from foolishness. But you can separate yourself from that fool 🃏” or “Arguing with a fool proves there are two 🃏”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting content that is about a clown or has a clown in it, use 🃏 in the caption. It can be a creepy (or not) movie poster, a clown/Halloween costume, etc.
  • 🃏 can be used in the frameworks of ‘mockery’ too. For instance, “Mock me all you want but you’re the fool here 🃏” or “Mockery seems to be the favorite route to validation 🃏”.

Other Names

  • 🃏 Jester Card
  • 🃏 Fool
  • 🃏 The Joker
  • 🃏 Wit
  • 🃏 Clown
  • 🃏 Buffoon
  • 🃏 Merry Andrew
  • 🃏 Jokester

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