🎾 Tennis


Match, Game, Sportsmanship, Speed, Physical Strength, Focus, Team Spirit

🎾 Meaning: A yellow ball with two loop-like white lines on both ends of it. Most platforms showcase this emoji along with a racket, where the tennis ball is much smaller and placed next to the larger racket.

The 🎾 Tennis emoji is a synecdoche to the game. It also represents tennis-related leagues and championships. On the whole, this emoji signifies team play, physical strength, focus, and passion, of course.

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How and When to Use the 🎾 Tennis Emoji

  • It doesn’t always have to be tennis to use 🎾; if the platform you’re using shows this emoji as just a ball, then you can use it while sharing content of playing ball; it can be a game with your doggo, a hand-eye coordination lesson, a game of catch with your little one, anything.
  • Use 🎾 while sharing posts for/about tennis players; it can be famous players or even someone who just started off. These posts include appreciation posts, birthday posts, tributes, etc.
  • Similar to the first post, you can also use 🎾 while reposting cute videos, posts, reels, and even pictures of animals playing ball; your dog, someone else’s dog, a cat, etc.
  • Also, if you’re posting pictures of a tennis medal, trophy, or any award you won or that of someone close to you, you can use 🎾 in the caption.
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Other Names

  • 🎾 Tennis Ball
  • 🎾 Tennis Ball and Racket
  • 🎾 Tennis Racket
  • 🎾 Tennis Racquet
  • 🎾 Courte Paume
  • 🎾 Royal Tennis
  • 🎾 Real Tennis
  • 🎾 Court Tennis