15 Fast Food Emojis to Efficiently Describe Mouth-Watering Encounters

We’re only referring to food. Please flush thy filthy minds.

You pop into a restaurant and place an order for a pizza. The pizza arrives in about 20 minutes. A 20-minute pizza?! Are you kidding me! Making a pizza from scratch would take hours. Anyone who’s ever tried baking it at home would tell. But, the secret behind that 20-minute pizza is what makes the dish, a fast food.

Most procedures preceding the final dish out are already prepped much before your order even came in. The only cherry on the top is customization, which you would be doing via the menu. Now, that’s the history of fast food and not food that’s just fast by nature. Pizzas are not fast, nor are hamburgers. They love life to be as laid-back as possible.

We all love fast food. If not all the items on the platter. So, here are all the fast-food emojis that you could use while referring to fast foods in general or your specific preferences, online.

Pizza Emoji

🍕 Pizza Emoji

Going straight by the iconic example in the intro.

First off, it ain’t piz-zah, it’s peet-zah. Now that that’s settled, moving onto some juicy facts.

  • 🍕 The first ‘modern pizza’, like the ones we eat today, was made in 1889.
  • 🍕 But that wasn’t the first pizza in the world. Research says that the pizza is as old as 660 BCE!
  • 🍕 Initially, pizzas were pies. They were made and sold as whole pies. The scene changed to by the slice only in 1993.
  • 🍕 Humans aren’t the only ones who adore pizzas. Dogs love it too!
  • 🍕 If America has pizza today, all the credit goes to the Italian immigrants who moved to the city. See. Immigrants are valuable additions to the cultural state of a place. They’re assets, not liabilities.
Hamburger Emoji

🍔 Hamburger Emoji

Presenting the second fast food on this list and your list of options while ordering in, the signature Hamburger.

  • 🍔 The first hamburger was invented in 1900. Which makes this one older than a hundred years!
  • 🍔 An Athens resident is said to have invented the hamburger. What?! Hamburger from Greece?! Oh, nah. The Texas Athens.
  • 🍔 Though 🍔 came with the classic beef patty, there are numerous alternatives to that including other meats, vegetarian patties, and vegan ones too!
  • 🍔 is known as a ‘Hamburger’ and is cut short to Burger. An interesting fact-drop here is that the ‘ham’ in the name really doesn’t represent or specify the ingredient. Now, that just made my veg burger a hamburger too.
French Fries Emoji

🍟 French Fries Emoji

Coming up with the burger’s best partner, a 🍟 to-go, please. French fries have been served with burgers, as a mandatory side for ages now. In fact, in many burger outlets, adding 🍟 to 🍔 alongside a bottle of coke is what translates to the perfect happy meal.

  • 🍟 French fries have a complicated origin. It’s a tie between France, Belgium, and Spain.
  • 🍟 French fries are also known as just fries, chips, or even frites in some parts of the world.
  • 🍟 If you thought you loved potato fries in any form more than anyone else in the world, chances are that you may be wrong. Because someone in Bruges built a whole museum dedicated to these fries!
  • 🍟 The thicker the chip, the healthier it is. The thicc ones have less fat in them. All they have is magic ✨.
Sandwich Emoji

🥪 Sandwich Emoji

Sandwiches are not only the easiest fast food to make, but they’re also one of the most versatile. 🥪 could have anything going on between those slices! You could have vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or even dessert fillings and the result would be the same; delicious.

  • 🥪 Remember the versatility of the sandwich? Well, most of them end up being hamburgers. Strange.
  • 🥪 The first sandwich was made in 1816.
  • 🥪 The word sandwich and the phrase “to sandwich” is a verb. It means to eat/make something light.
  • 🥪 The classical ‘PB&J’ or the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich made its fast-food industry debut in 1901.
Hot Dog Emoji

🌭 Hot Dog Emoji

Hot dogs have been around since the 1860s, and guess what they were originally called (the answer’s at the bottom of the page).

  • 🌭 The ‘hot dog’ meat ranges from red meat such as pork and beef to poultry flesh like chicken.
  • 🌭 The first person to ever sell the hot dog was a German immigrant in New York. Which makes 🌭 more German than American.
  • 🌭 If you have tons of mustard sauce at home and don’t know what to do with that much of it, make hot dogs! Mustard is the most favorite hot dog topping!
  • 🌭 The hot dog has been to space. No, not Laika. Cause that’s a hot dawg.
Taco Emoji

🌮 Taco Emoji

Say what you want, but 🌮 is one of the healthiest items on this menu! After the French Fries, ofc.

  • 🌮 The world welcomed the first-ever taco in 1905 in the United States of America.
  • 🌮 But who made it? A Mexican migrant.
  • 🌮 Though the taco year-marked in 1905, it is believed to have existed far before that. As far as 500 BCE!
  • 🌮 Similar to the sandwich-based verb, to have a ‘taco’ or “to taco” means to have a light lunch.
  • 🌮 However, if you were to head to an authentic Mexican restaurant for lunch with plans of having tacos, you’d be out of luck that day. Because Mexicans do not eat/serve taco for lunch!
Burrito Emoji

🌯 Burrito Emoji

No, this section is not about your puppy. But, it could be about your donkey.

  • 🌯 ‘Burrito’ in Spanish translates to a little donkey.
  • 🌯 The burrito like many other foods on this list is a versatile one. Sushirrito is a thing. It’s a burrito made with a sushi wrap!
  • 🌯 There are burrito bowls in every burrito outlet. But guess what, it has nothing to do with a burrito. It’s more like an open burrito. All filling, no burrito.
  • 🌯 Burritos have been in the fast-food scene for nearly 120 years now.
Falafel Emoji

🧆 Falafel Emoji

If meat isn’t one of your staples, then you’d relate to how much we vegetarians/vegans survive on falafel. It’s one of the best and the ‘cleanest’ fast foods on the veg menu! Besides keeping our karmas in check, it keeps our health in check too because 🧆 is super healthy.

  • 🧆 Falafel can be savored as it is or in a sandwich.
  • 🧆 Though there are speculations about falafel being introduced as an Egyptian snack, there’s no solid evidence about its origin.
  • 🧆 However, falafel is one of the best and top-selling Egyptian and Middle Eastern street food.
  • 🧆 Due to its immense popularity in Egypt, the local McDonald’s began serving McFalafels!
  • 🧆 If concerns about the fat content in a fried falafel ever arise, then you could even bake these bad bois.
⊛ Tamale Emoji

🫔 Tamale Emoji

The tamale is hands down a treasured dish.

  • 🫔 This authentic Mesoamerican delicacy is a niche fast food.
  • 🫔 The tamale is as old as 8000 BCE!
  • 🫔 There are over 20 varieties of tamale, including a tamale pie!
  • 🫔 This steamed organic wrap is accommodative of a host of fillings. Like the sandwich.
  • 🫔 Tamales were the best long-journey foods back in the day. They’re the ancient version of the packed foods we stock up while heading out on long road trips.
  • 🫔 The Mayans loved tamales.
Popcorn Emoji

🍿 Popcorn Emoji

Popcorn doesn’t have a specific “origin story”, but we’re pretty sure someone accidentally combined heat and corn kernels. And poof!

  • 🍿 has been a favorite for thousands of years. Since the 4700 BCE, to be close to precise.
  • 🍿 The modern population began “stove popping” them only in the 1970s.
  • 🍿 So, the popcorn lingo has an embarrassing phrase for the kernels that don’t pop; old maids. Why? They lack moisture. Y’all bringing menopause into the scene is not cool.
  • 🍿 If you ever prayed for popcorn to become a certified breakfast cereal, this fact’s for you. It was indeed consumed for breakfast in the 1800s.
Sushi Emoji

🍣 Sushi Emoji

Coming to the Asian section of fast food. Sorry, America. Not everything’s about you.

  • 🍣 Sushi is one of the topmost Japanese fast foods that pretty much tops the Asian fast food list as well.
  • 🍣 However, like the Tamale, 🍣 too isn’t served in all fast-food restaurants. It’s typically saved for expertise.
  • 🍣 There are six types of sushi; Nigiri Sushi, Oshi Sushi, Maki Sushi, Uramaki Sushi, Sashimi Sushi, and Temaki Sushi.
  • 🍣 This is a fact + advice. Never, EVER waste the soy sauce.
  • 🍣 And DO NOT dip the rice.
Fried Shrimp Emoji

🍤 Fried Shrimp Emoji

Come to seafood land and the fried shrimp is one of the best fast foods you’ll find here! 🍤 has a colorful variety, as it encompasses both fried shrimp and fried prawn.

Although we’d love to find the place that serves the world’s best-fried shrimp/prawn, it would be unjust against the rest of the planet. Each state, city, and town have its own Michelin-class sushi experience to offer.

Dumpling Emoji

🥟 Dumpling Emoji

You probably guessed it right. Dumplings are in fact China’s biggest and oldest fast foods. They’re also one of the best street foods in the country.

  • 🥟 There are TONS of dumplings in the world. Momo, dim sums, ravioli, wontons, and even samosas are few varieties under this massive doughy umbrella.
  • 🥟 Dumplings are bite-size snacks. This means you don’t eat a single dumpling in more than a single bite.
  • 🥟 If your dumplings are extra moist, you know, the unappetizing and soggy kind, then that’s a sign that the dough is not fresh.
  • 🥟 Quit the forks while eating dumplings! If y’all aren’t used to chopsticks, your hands will do just fine.
Spaghetti Emoji

🍝 Spaghetti Emoji

This satisfying main course is also fast food in many eateries/restaurants across the world. While 🍝 suggests a juicy platter of spaghetti and most likely with meatballs, this emoji could represent other dishes made with spaghetti/noodles as well.

  • 🍝 Some render the spaghetti to be a Chinese invention, but we know better. It’s Italian, ofc.
  • 🍝 Spaghetti is pasta. But it ain’t vice versa.
  • 🍝 Much like the dumpling situation, here too, the word ‘Pasta’ is just a collective term used for spaghetti and other varieties of pasta.
  • 🍝 If you were eating a single strand of this pasta, it would be called spaghetto and not spaghetti.
  • 🍝 Do not use a fork and a spoon while eating spaghetti. That’s just awful.
Takeout Box Emoji

🥡 Takeout Box Emoji

This emoji is the perfect fast food symbol. It doesn’t only represent Thai food/fast food/street food take-outs, but also any packaged and parcelled food. 🥡 can be used to suggest online food services as well.

Too much of anything is unfavorable. That includes food too. Villainizing fast food as the only reason behind health or digestive problems is like villainizing college for making psychopaths. We get to choose what we do with the things we learn. In this case, eat.

Sure, fast food may be one of the reasons behind many health concerns such as obesity and high cholesterol levels. But, this co-morbidity is only possible with regular and heavy consumption of such food(s). Teenie tiny, regulated portions of anything, fast food included, would hardly do any damage. We’re capable of that much digestion at least.