🏒 Ice Hockey


Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Team Play, Focus, Aim, Skill, Balance, Grip

🏒 Meaning: A hockey stick with an obtuse design, the pusher at the bottom partially wrapped in white tape or cloth, placed next to a black puck. The 🏒 Ice Hockey emoji is another famous variation of hockey, suggesting both indoor and outdoor venues for the game.

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How and When to Use the 🏒 Ice Hockey Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about your hockey practice or sharing a social media story/post of the same, uses 🏒 in those contexts.
  • You can also use 🏒 while letting someone know “What’s up?”. For instance, “Just chilling at my best🏒”.
  • While inviting someone to tag along with you to a game, use 🏒. This applies even while suggesting watching an upcoming match on a group chat or a personal conversation too.
  • Also, use 🏒 while advising someone about the game, giving them tips, or even while giving life lessons with hockey inferences. For example, “You gotta aim, mate 🏒 Focus, strategize and aim”.
  • Use 🏒 while sharing pictures and/or videos of yourself with (or without) your friends at a game (stadium or home). Like, “Friday night scene 🏒”.

Other Names

  • 🏒 Hockey
  • 🏒 Shinney
  • 🏒 Shinty
  • 🏒 Street Hockey
  • 🏒 Ice Hockey Stick and Puck
  • 🏒 Pusher and Puck