???? Flexed Biceps


Muscle Power, Work Out, Hit the Gym, Fitness, Strength, Motivation, Encouragement, Appreciation, Empowerment

???? Meaning: An extended arm held in a 90-degree angle, flexing to show off the biceps along with a clenched fist. This emoji signifies fitness, workout, hitting the gym, and overall staying fit.

The ???? Flexed Biceps emoji also suggests strength, power, empowerment, and being badass too. This emoji is available in the designated skin tones across almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the ???? Flexed Biceps Emoji

  • If you’ve been working out, and all that time spent in the gym is finally paying off, use ???? along with some kickass pictures to either send it to your buddies or post it on social media.
  • ???? can also be used to say “Don’t mess with me, or I’mma kick your ass”.
  • If you’re feeling empowered, use ???? in your captions or general DMs.
  • If somebody else has been seriously lifting some weights and they send you pictures of their progress, send ???? to show some encouragement.
  • ???? is also a way of saying “You got this” or “We got this”.
  • You could also use ???? to express motivation, especially when the other person is having some unbeatable Monday blues.

Other Names

  • ???? Workout
  • ???? Gym
  • ???? Biceps
  • ???? Working Out
  • ???? Fitness
  • ???? Fit
  • ???? Strength
  • ???? Badass
  • ???? Empowerment
  • ???? Encouragement
  • ???? Motivation
  • ???? Feats of Strength
  • ???? Flexing Arm Muscles
  • ???? Muscle
  • ???? Muscular
  • ???? Strong
  • ???? Flexed Bicep
  • ???? Power
  • ???? Popeye The Sailor Man