🎴 Flower Playing Cards


Card Games, Gambling, Deck of Cards, Playing, Hanafuda, Japanese Game

🎴 Meaning: A rounded rectangular card, with a thin black outline, a black boulder-like structure at the bottom, and a bright full moon either to the top left end or the right end of the card.

The 🎴 Flower Playing Cards emoji is a reference to the Japanese card game, Hanafuda. It signifies exclusive Japanese culture when it comes to leisure and games. Apart from that, this emoji could suggest playing, gambling, and even virtually crafted games of Hanafuda.

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How and When to Use the 🎴 Flower Playing Cards Emoji

  • If you’re inferring to ‘cards’ in any context, literally or metaphorically, you can use 🎴. For example, “Yo, yo, yo. Where are my cards?!! 🎴” or “If you want her to trust you, you got to lay down ALL your cards on the table, man 🎴”.
  • Also, 🎴 can be used to give life lessons too! For instance, “It doesn’t matter how big or small your cards are, all that matters is how you play them 🎴”, or “Oh man. He played his cards terribly 🎴”.
  • If someone or something doesn’t seem likely to succeed or get better, you could use 🎴 while messaging your buddy about it or even while sharing a social media story. Like, “No spoilers, but it’s a fact that the cards were stacked up against her right from the start 🎴”.
  • 🎴 can be used to signify a deck of cards too. For instance, “You got to stack up the deck for the better, brother 🎴” or “It seems like he’s stacked up the deck against him for a reason 🎴.
  • You can use 🎴 to represent gambling in any context too.

Other Names

  • 🎴 Hanafuda
  • 🎴 Japanese Flower Playing Cards
  • 🎴 Deck of Cards
  • 🎴 Hwatu
  • 🎴 Playing Cards
  • 🎴 Poker
  • 🎴 Gambling
  • 🎴 Flower Cards