🎯 Bullseye


Focus, On Point, On Fleek, Direct, Honesty, Straightforward, Aim, Goal

🎯 Meaning: A slantingly placed circular board with concentric circles of consecutive white and red bands, and a dart at the middle that has a light blue handle and a sharp pointy end that’s stuck to the center of the board.

The 🎯 Bullseye emoji represents the art and sport of throwing darts. It signifies a sense of being on/to point, focused, direct, straightforward, and honest, while also suggesting attributes such as skill and practice.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🎯 Bullseye Emoji

  • If you’re proofreading something someone sent and everything about the article or any other form of content they sent is on point, you can respond with 🎯 as a way of saying “Great job! Your work is on point! 🎯”.
  • You can also use 🎯 while sharing posts with captions that work parallelly with the personal value of honesty, being straightforward, or just aiming for something. For instance, “Don’t beat around the bush, beat the bush! 🎯”, or “Aim higher each time you fall 🎯”.
  • Also, if you finally got that on fleek eyeliner, shave, etc, and you’re sharing this moment of ultimate joy/pride either on your social media handle or via text message to someone who cares, you can use 🎯 – “FINALLY!!!! Like, FINALLY both my wings match! 🎯”.
  • Similarly, 🎯 works fine if you want to comment on a post that was ‘on point’ too. For example, “Nothing like a good speech with no BS 🎯”.

Other Names

  • 🎯 Darts
  • 🎯 Archery
  • 🎯 Dart Board and Dart
  • 🎯 Throwing Darts
  • 🎯 Dart Throwing
  • 🎯 Red and White Board and Dart Pin