🛺 Auto Rikshaw


Public Transportation, Intra-City Travel, Commute, Baby Taxi, Three-Wheeler

🛺 Meaning: A side-facing three-wheeler with a green body and a yellow hood or upper covering. There are a visible windshield, driver and passenger seats, a pair of headlights and taillights.

The 🛺 Auto Rikshaw emoji signifies a mode of public transportation that’s mostly used in countries such as India and Sri Lanka. It suggests traveling, intra-city travel, and a common commuting option.

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How and When to Use the 🛺 Auto Rikshaw Emoji

  • If you’re traveling in an auto for the first time, you ought to make a significant memory out of it! Use 🛺 while sharing a social media post/story or a direct message (DM) about it. Like, “Nothing beats sightseeing through an auto rikshaw! 🛺”.
  • If you’re reaching a particular place or stuck in traffic in an auto, you can use 🛺 while texting a friend. This emoji automatically implies that your mode of transport is indeed an auto rikshaw. Fo rinstance, “I might be a little late. Stuck in traffic 🛺”.
  • Use 🛺 while posting or reposting content related to auto rickshaws and rickshaw drivers; it can be a news post, a video, a motivational post, etc.
  • 🛺 evokes an authentic sense of belonging to the countries that use this transport. So, if you’re a frequent auto user or you’re proud of this unique traveling option in your country or you just love auto-rickshaws, use this emoji in your social media profile name

Other Names

  • 🛺 Auto
  • 🛺 Rickshaw
  • 🛺 Rick
  • 🛺 Three-Wheeler
  • 🛺 Piagio
  • 🛺 Baby Taxi
  • 🛺 Pigeon
  • 🛺 Bajaj
  • 🛺 Tuk Tuk

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