🎰 Slot Machine


Gambling, Risk, Luck, Skill, Casino, Poker, Jackpot, Fruit Machine

🎰 Meaning: A rectangular machine with three slots showing the number ‘7’ from three separate reels. The machine is further finished with a tiny torch-like structure on top and a joystick to the side.

The 🎰 Slot Machine emoji signifies a matter of chance and luck. Apart from representing one of the most famous methods of gambling, this emoji could also suggest a jackpot in different contexts.

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How and When to Use the 🎰 Slot Machine Emoji

  • If you’re inferring that someone or something hit a jackpot either in a text message or a post caption, you could use 🎰. For example, “I honestly think he hit a jackpot with his latest job 🎰” or “You can’t expect to gain something by giving nothing 🎰” respectively.
  • You can also use 🎰 in the frameworks of ‘gambling’; both literal in meaning, or metaphorical in essence as well. Like, “I really think he should quit 🎰or “Risk is always good, but not at the cost of everything 🎰”.
  • Slot machines may not be about luck, but you could use 🎰 to refer to it. For instance, “Don’t push your luck, mate 🎰 You just got a decent paycheck, don’t push it”.
  • Use 🎰 while posting or reposting casino-related content. A viral post, a picture of yourself at the casino for the first time (or not), a video of yourself triggering the slot machine, etc.

Other Names

  • 🎰 Gambling Machine
  • 🎰 Coin Machine
  • 🎰 Fruit Machine
  • 🎰 Gaming Machine
  • 🎰 One-Armed Bandit
  • 🎰 Casino
  • 🎰 Poker Machine
  • 🎰 Puggy
  • 🎰 The Slots
  • 🎰 Fruities