🏹 Bow and Arrow


Archery, Aim, Focus, Right Angle, Sport, Balance, Skill, Strength, Weaponry, Warfare

🏹 Meaning: A vintage arrow with a metallic head and a feathery bottom, intertwined within the thick thread of a wooden bow. The 🏹 Bow and Arrow emoji largely signifies the practice and skill of aim. It also suggests archery; both the art/sport and the professional.

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How and When to Use the 🏹 Bow and Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting something, the caption of which goes along the lines of ‘aiming’ or ‘aim’, use 🏹. Like, “Aiming for better things, this time 🏹 Not with just my mind, but my skill too!” or “Why do we settle for much less than what we can aim for? 🏹”.
  • Similarly, 🏹 would work even for text messages that capture the same essence. For example, “You got to get better at aiming for things that suit your skill, man 🏹” or “Learn to focus, first. Aim will arrive 🏹”.
  • Archery or shooting arrows not only involves aim and focus but good and workable angles too. If you’re talking about the “right angle” in any context, use 🏹 – “The right angle is one of the basic shapes 🏹”.
  • Drop 🏹 into captions for posts and reposts about archery. However, this could include modern sport, and content about this weapon of ancient warfare as well.

Other Names

  • 🏹 Archery
  • 🏹 Wooden Bow and Arrow
  • 🏹 Crossbow and Arrow
  • 🏹 Arrow Within Bow
  • 🏹 Vintage Bow and Arrow