🥏 Flying Disc


Flying, Throw and Catch, Circulation, Movement, Swooping, Oncoming

🥏 Meaning: A profile description of a deep blue circular object designed with an oncoming kind of a movement. The 🥏 Flying Disc emoji represents a frisbee that’s used both in professional and leisure sports.

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How and When to Use the 🥏 Flying Disc Emoji

  • A frisbee is flown across and circulated amongst the participants. So, if you’re referring to someone or something that resonates with this description, you could use 🥏 – “Oh, man. Those pants are literally our thing! All the three of us have worn them 🥏”.
  • In a very similar context, use 🥏 while referring to the act of ‘passing it on’. For example, “Let knowledge not rot in the brain. Open up a little and pass it on to the ones around 🥏”.
  • The very design of 🥏 shows an oncoming object as mentioned in the previous section. If you’re using this framework in any conversation or caption, use 🥏. Like, “Shoot! Here’s that flying f*ck I forgot 🥏”.
  • You can also use 🥏 while referring to ‘flying’ or just a swooping movement – “He swooped in the middle of the night just to double-check if I was asleep 🥏 I mean, WHO does that?!“.

Other Names

  • 🥏 Frisbee
  • 🥏 Disc
  • 🥏 Frisbie
  • 🥏 Throwing Disc
  • 🥏 Playing Disc