Gender-Neutral Emojis That Are All About Equality

A subtle way of saying “F*ck the labels”.

Gender neutrality is powered by the foundational law that everything and everyone is human irrespective of the gender or sex they “fit into”. In this case, it’s absolutely “normal” to dress, act, walk, talk, and essentially be everything that are against the “norms” of your gender. It’s a relief, tbh.


The current world is obsessed with labels. We find it agitating when we cannot find a label to the things we’re feeling or the people that we are. For instance, you wake up one day and you feel strange in your head. You want to get out of that feeling or that stream of uncomfortable thoughts. The next resolve? Google! Find out what it is that you’re feeling. And voila, there IS in fact a name or a label for what you’re feeling. Now, you’re relaxed.

The same applies to everything else. Relationships, friendships, our own bodily behaviors and individuality, everything. It’s so difficult, almost impossible for us to just stay without “fitting in”. However, there are millions of people around the world who not only refuse to label themselves but they also resist this abnormal need to constantly label everything based on one’s gender and sexual orientation. And those are gender-neutral people.

Making Gender-Neutrality Your Cup of Tea

It’s when you can be a man, and wear a gown, without the “criteria” of having to be gay or transgender. It’s when you can be gay and not be pressured to “dress gay” or “make it clear” (come, on. WTF). It’s the freedom to be whatever the heck you want to be and to do whatever the hell you want to. That’s true freedom.

So, the next time you tell a woman that she can’t do something because society forbids her from doing it, ’cause it’s a “man’s job”, we hope you remember this list and its message:

Genders and sexes are only biological orientations. They focus on how your biology works. How your body functions, how it would age, how it would reproduce, and everything to do with your biological existence.

Genders and sexes have NOTHING to do with one’s ability, capacity, willpower, strength, persistence, dedication, and a sense of purpose. That explains why so many are shocked when a woman can do all the things that a man can do.
It’s because we ALL CAN.

Introducing, the “person” emojis, or the gender-neutral emojis. These symbols really don’t give half a flying fluck to what your gender “expects” of you.

Gender Neutral Physical Features

Gender Neutral Bodily Gestures

Gender Neutral Roles

These emojis are not preceded by ‘person’ and are uninvolving of any gender or sexual identity. It’s all about the role.

Gender Neutral Fantasy Characters

Gender Neutral Activity Emojis

Gender Neutral Sports Emojis

The following sports emojis are available only as gender-neutral emojis.

It’s understandable to have strict gender roles if we lived in ancient times or even the “caveman times”. To still have such an uninformed and primal distinction even now says a lot about us as “evolving” humans.

What we mean is, it sucks that something so rudimentary STILL exists.

Men, women, gays, lesbians, transgenders, and every single gender in the spectrum is equally there and alive. Denying the existence of genders other than ‘male’ and ‘female’ is like denying the fact that we’re humans in the first place.

Humans are NOT meant to be and live the same. We’re humans for heaven’s sake, not a line of shoes! Even shoes come up with better upgrades, new styles, and fashion! And here we are saying all humans ought to be the same and live the same way. Stop it.

Anyhoo. This listicle is here not only to put together all the “gender-neutral” emojis on the list but to also create awareness about the dire need for gender neutrality, and its acceptance at large. We need it. Real bad.

If we don’t have gender neutrality, men (who are and who identify as male) would always be subject to toxic masculinity and the rest of us, well, to patriarchy.