🤷 Person Shrugging


Cluelessness, Doubt, Indifference, Disinterest, Ridicule, Ignorance, Irritation, Unbelievable, Confusion, Shruggie

🤷 Meaning: A gender-neutral description of a person with short, side-parted hair, throwing both hands in the air, parallel to the head, and hunching the neck a little.

The 🤷 Person Shrugging emoji signifies a sense of being clueless, confused, shocked, and even amused by someone’s or something’s ridiculous nature. This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤷 Person Shrugging Emoji

  • If you’re reacting to something absolutely ridiculous and senseless, you can use 🤷.
  • 🤷 can also be used to show confusion – like an attempt to understand what the final plan is over a load of spam on your BFF group.
  • If someone’s asking you about something you have no idea of, like if there’s school tomorrow or not, you can use 🤷 to indicate that you’re just as clueless as the person who asked you this.
  • 🤷 can also be a way of saying “I don’t know”.
  • If you got unexpectedly tangled in a loop of drama just because you lent a listening ear ages ago, you can use 🤷 to show that you know nothing more than what you’re saying.
  • 🤷 can also be used to show frustration and maybe even slight anger – like if someone’s repeatedly asking you something, you can throw your hands in the air and go “Who knows 🤷”.

Other Names

  • 🤷 Clueless
  • 🤷 Confused
  • 🤷 Irritated
  • 🤷 Cranky
  • 🤷 Ridiculous
  • 🤷 Shrug
  • 🤷 Uninterested
  • 🤷 Shruggie
  • 🤷 Doubtful
  • 🤷 Ignorant
  • 🤷 I Don’t Know
  • 🤷 Whatever
  • 🤷 Unbelievable