🧓 Older Person


Older Adult, Matured Human, Aging, Elderly, Gender Inclusivity, Elder

🧓 Meaning: A generic and gender-neutral face of an older person with side-parted white hair and a pair of spectacles. This emoji refers to someone who is 60+ years older.

Although named as the 🧓 Older Person emoji, it mostly adorns the face of an older man. However, some platforms portray an old woman’s appearance too. It is available in all the designated skin tones available on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🧓 Older Person Emoji

  • If you’re talking about an elderly person (related or not to you) in a virtual conversation, use 🧓 to describe him/her.
  • You could also use 🧓 in post captions for pictures, videos, or even a message about an older person; grandparent(s), a revered celebrity, anyone.
  • If you’re trying to draft an emojified script that has the character of an older person in it, then guess what, you can pop in the 🧓 emoji referring to that particular character.
  • Most of all, use 🧓 when you’re talking about someone who looks exactly like this emoji (as hilarious as it is, it can be true).

Other Names

  • 🧓 Old Person
  • 🧓 Gender Neutral Older Adult
  • 🧓 Elderly
  • 🧓 Matured
  • 🧓 Older Adult
  • 🧓 Aging
  • 🧓 Father Figure
  • 🧓 Old Man
  • 🧓 Old Woman