💁 Person Tipping Hand


Sassy, Carefree, Attitude, Careless, Unbothered, Sarcasm, Too Cool, Cheeky

💁 Meaning: A gender-neutral, bust-length description of a person with short, side-parted hair holding the left hand up to the shoulder while tipping off the palm; looking like the person is holding an invisible tray.

The 💁 Person Tipping Hand emoji generally gives off a “Whatever” vibe; unbothered and careless. Although it might seem like a rude gesture, it can have it’s positive and even cute connotations depending on the circumstance and/or the person you’re using it with.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 💁 Person Tipping Hand Emoji

  • If your best friend’s nagging about the same thing over and over again, use 💁 (it might piss him/her off even more, but, why not, right?).
  • You can use 💁 while showing that you couldn’t care any less about a certain situation or person.
  • The 💁 emoji is also the ‘hair-flip’ emoji. So use it during those hair flip moments, like when you’re feeling particularly sassy and upbeat.
  • Use 💁 while being sarcastic or pointing out at someone’s sarcasm with a counter sarcastic comeback (sometimes, you can’t just give it up like that).
  • If you have no idea or ran out of ideas to pose for a picture, use 💁. It works best.

Other Names

  • 💁 Whatever
  • 💁 Sassy
  • 💁 Attitude
  • 💁 Carefree
  • 💁 Unbothered
  • 💁 Hair Flip
  • 💁 Sarcasm
  • 💁 Too Cool for Old School
  • 💁 Cool
  • 💁 Swag
  • 💁 Careless
  • 💁 Information Desk Person
  • 💁 Concierge
  • 💁 Sassy Girl
  • 💁 Hair Flick
  • 💁 Bellhop
  • 💁 Free Tip (Suggestion)