👯 People With Bunny Ears


Celebration, Dancing, Excitement, Twins, Identical Twins, Twinning, Similar, Matching, Together

👯 Meaning: A full-body length description of two identical characters dressed in a short black bodycon, a pair of black shoes, and bunny ears fitted on top of each head, while they stand with their hands held on the hip and the feet slightly far apart.

The 👯 People With Bunny Ears is a gender-neutral couple and can refer to anyone irrespective of gender and sex. It signifies excitement, celebration, and good vibes. However, this emoji can also refer to a pair of twins, identical twins, or just two people wearing the same outfits.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👯 People With Bunny Ears Emoji

  • If your friend just texted something super exciting, you can use 👯 as a response to that text.
  • If you’re the friend sending something exciting, you can tag the 👯 emoji in that text message, like “Yooo, no one’s at home. Sleepover at my place 👯”.
  • Using multiple 👯 emojis can seem like this emoji is holding hands. So, in captions that are about togetherness, “crazy together”, etc, you can use this emoji. For example, “Living our lives like never before!! 👯👯👯👯 #tbt”, or something like that.
  • Since there are two identical people in this emoji, it can be used in contexts of twins, sisters, brothers, siblings, etc. For instance, if you’re posting a picture with your twin, or a picture of you and your bestie ‘twinning’, you can use 👯 in your caption.
  • You can also use 👯 in the caption while reposting or posting something that made you happy or in other words, ‘made your day’.

Other Names

  • 👯 Twins
  • 👯 People Dancing
  • 👯 Two People Dancing
  • 👯 Identical Twins
  • 👯 Gender-Neutral People
  • 👯 Gender-Neutral Couple
  • 👯 Bunny People
  • 👯 Bunny Ears
  • 👯 Costume
  • 👯 Twinning