👼 Baby Angel


Divinity, Spirituality, Innocence, Divine Messenger, God’s Messenger, Roman Mythology, Love, Cuteness, Newborn, Bundle of Joy

👼 Meaning: A facial portrayal of a baby with angel wings on either side of the lower face and a golden halo above the head. This is the same as the 👶 Baby emoji, but with the additional angelic physical traits.

Looking a lot like baby Cupid, the 👼 Baby Angel emoji is generally known as a Cherub or Putto. This emoji signifies innocence, divinity, purity, a state of being mentally clean, and owning a sense of godly cuteness.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👼 Baby Angel Emoji

  • If you’re posting pictures of your newborn baby or that of someone very close, like a best friend or a relative, you can use 👼 as a way of saying “This precious little soul has my heart 👼”. You can also couple this emoji with other affection-expressing emojis like the ❤️ Heart and 😍 Smiling Eyes With Heart-Eyes emojis.
  • You can also use 👼 in your social media profile name, on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc, if you feel like this emoji personifies you or a part of you.
  • 👼 can be used while reacting to baby pictures that your family or close friends send. It can also be used to react to super cute baby photos on social media too.
  • Apart from human babies, 👼 can be used in contexts of animals, such as puppies, grown dogs, cats, kittens, any animal that you love, or that you look after as a domestic pet.
  • Since 👼 also refers to Cupid, this emoji can be used in the contexts of Valentine’s Day, when you’re setting two people up or when you’re responding to messages about someone being smitten.

Other Names

  • 👼 Angel Baby
  • 👼 Divine Baby
  • 👼 Angelic Child
  • 👼 Newborn Baby
  • 👼 Innocent Baby
  • 👼 Angel
  • 👼 Cherub
  • 👼 Cupid
  • 👼 Putto
  • 👼 Cherubim
  • 👼 God’s Child
  • 👼 Male Child
  • 👼 Baby With Angel Wings
  • 👼 Baby With Halo
  • 👼 God’s Angel
  • 👼 Bundle of Joy