🦹 Supervillain


Negativity, Rivalry, Competition, Destruction, Envy, Awareness, Smart, Superpowers, Super-Human Abilities

🦹 Meaning: A gender-neutral description of an antagonist, with short, punky hair, a cat eye-shaped eye mask, and a flared villain costume. This character is mostly seen in shades of purple.

The 🦹 Supervillain emoji refers to a fictional bad guy or even a real-life villain. It signifies negative energy, a need to wreck something or someone, basically, the nemesis to any good guy.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🦹 Supervillain Emoji

  • If you’re doing something badass, like breaking hell loose in a game of Fortnite, then use 🦹 while bragging about your match score on your social media handle.
  • Evil is a subjective description. So, you can use 🦹 while posting about anything that you believe to be evil (even in a casual, light-hearted sense – like about your sibling).
  • If you’re a believer of the “dark side” or you relate to the qualities of a villain (not to be messed with, edgy, etc), you can use 🦹 in your social media profile name.
  • If you’re texting someone about an evil colleague or an evil cousin who always looks out to screw your life up, use 🦹 in that context.
  • If you’re either posting an evil meme (in a funny, “you’re Satan” kind of way) or sending someone that meme, you can use 🦹 in the post caption or as a direct message (DM).

Other Names

  • 🦹 Evil Person
  • 🦹 Antagonist
  • 🦹 Nemesis
  • 🦹 Adversary
  • 🦹 Foe
  • 🦹 Enemy
  • 🦹 Rival
  • 🦹 Contender
  • 🦹 Opposite
  • 🦹 Satan (could there BE a better villain?)