16 Weird Emojis That Have Very Few Answers and Too Many Questions

Because weirdness is not here to explain itself.

Anything that’s labeled “weird” is something that’s fundamentally different from us. New to us, unfamiliar, strange, and all the things that just don’t sit well with what we know of the world, and how we see it. These differences may emit some unsettling and uncomfortable vibrations and it may even haunt us for the rest of the time, but ‘weirdness’ has its variants.

Most of us love the kind of weird that’s quirky, different, and unique. That’s the “good kind” of weird. Then there are things that are absolutely baffling. Unreasonable, unthinkable, and downright so weird. This “weird emoji” list is based on the latter; emojis that are weird, undecipherable, and even contemplative when it comes to their very existence.

Minimally Weird Emojis

Grinning Face With Big Eyes Emoji

😃 Grinning Face With Big Eyes Emoji

While you might argue against the possible weirdness in this emoji and call it an innocently grinning face, 😃 in real life, can be quite creepy. Each of the emojis is digital replications of actual things, including emotions.

Coming across someone with a massive toothed grin and widely opened eyes is 100% scary, and weird. Especially when it stays for longer. So, 😃 counts as a “minimally” weird emoji. It’s manageable. Not so weird.

Up Side Down Face Emoji

🙃 Upside-Down Face Emoji

It’s evident that 🙃 is the inverted version of the 🙂 Slightly Smiling Face, but somehow they don’t showcase inverted emotions. While the straight face is sarcastic or maybe even a facade, the upside-down smiley is one that’s mostly associated with playfulness.

But, seriously. It’s time we address the elephant in the room. 🙃 is a weird emoji. No one generally hangs upside down, unless you have a wall against your feet, you’re at the gym, or you’re 5. Plus, this one’s smiling, which is a little too eerie to not be called weird.

😗 Kissing Face

😗 Kissing Face Emoji

First off, truths. No one kisses like this. Unless it’s a forced kiss to that super creepy family member, a response to an unexpected kiss from someone who wasn’t in mind, or even the first kiss.

Mostly, kissing or pouting with the intent of a kiss with the eyes wide open signifies uneasiness and awkwardness. But. What if 😗 is a whistling face? Seems more like a face that’s whistling than kissing.

The world is a wonderful place full of possibilities.

Hugging Face Emoji 1

🤗 Hugging Face Emoji

We are pretty clear that we don’t usually hug with our palms to the face. Yes, it a compact symbol representing complex emotions and reactions. But hands to the face? It’s the jazz hands that render this emoji to be slightly weird.

But, the cute quotient of this emoji is undeniable. 🤗 creates this warm and fuzzy feeling online, in any virtual format that supports emojis. However, it still remains creepy.

Visually Strange Emojis

Ogre Emoji

👹 Ogre Emoji

Class, say hi to Mr. Oni, the Ogre.

See, once that “thing” has a name, it gets less weird. It begins to have an identity. Oh, who are we kidding? This is not only a weird emoji, but it’s lowkey scary too. If you were to scare someone to do something virtually, this would be a great symbol of manipulation.

You better send that damn e-mail today.
Or what, huh? What you gonna do?
I’mma scare yo smart ass until you shakin’ 👹
Aw, man. Not the Ogre! That dude’s scary!


In reality, 👹 is a legendary Japanese character that started evil from the bottom but got to a good stance in urban folklore. What once represented fear now represents protection.

Goblin Emoji

👺 Goblin Emoji

Another weird-looking emoji on the list is the goblin. It mostly looks like a really angry Pinocchio. 👺 too is a Japanese-inspired character, referring to the legend of “Tengu”, who, like Oni the Ogre, transitioned from being evil and terrifying to protective and good-willed.

But, all in all, 👺 does seem like a weird emoji if one is unaware of the story behind it.

Alien Emoji

👽 Alien Emoji

Although 👽 is a “weird” face, it’s a darn cute alien, tbh. For all those who aren’t into conspiracies, alien theories, UFOs, and the “extraterrestrial”, this emoji would be quite a weird one. But for us “conspiracy folks”, it represents something greater. Something intriguing and magnetizing.

Alien Monster Emoji

👾 Alien Monster Emoji

If 👾 were to be an earthly monster, we’d probably laugh it off, because what threat could a pixelated entity possibly be in the times of the mighty HD. We’ve seen and we have better.

Since 👾 is an alien monster, we may have to take it a little more seriously because anything that’s alien is anything that’s potentially threatening. And anything alien is one hundred percent weird because we’ve seen nothing like it in real life.

Robot Emoji

🤖 Robot

For someone who’s not very digi-acquainted (doesn’t use social media and the internet much), 🤖 comes in as a surprise. It’s hard to tell if this emoji is really a robot unless you know the name of this robot or you’re searching for the robot emoji.

This emoji is a subjective addition to the weird list, because not everybody would be aware, at first glance, as to how a robot would look. In such scenarios, it can be pretty weird. But if you do know how they look, it’s not very.

Strange Emojis

Person In Suit Levitating Emoji

🕴 Person in Suit Levitating Emoji

The original intent of this business person levitating in thin air is in reference to an iconic picture of a Reggae musician. However, for many unaware of the idea behind this symbol, 🕴 is rather a strange emoji.

It almost seems like a candid shot of a bitch-faced business person/detective jumping up and down off the ground. If that were true, it would be better understood by emoji users. Now? It’s just plain mysterious.
A levitating person.

A metaphorical angle to 🕴 suggests a sense of staying above it. The ‘it’ translates to situations, conversations, anything unfavorable, negative, and subjectively harmful.

  • Day 445 of staying above all the bullshit 🕴
  • I know the world sucks. I know people suck. But if you want to make it, you gotta stay above it all 🕴
Wind Face Emoji

🌬️ Wind Face Emoji

The obvious sketch visible in this emoji is that of a woman blowing a 💨 gush of cloudy wind. While it could suggest a sigh of relief or blowing a bunch of candles, it could also be a representation of the Goddess of the Winds.

Going by our favorite interpretation of emojis, 🌬️ suggests a metaphorical sense of breathing life into something or someone. Similarly, the wind in this emoji could substitute for oxygen, which is pretty much the “life” here.

Creepy Emojis

New Moon Face Emoji

🌚 New Moon Face Emoji

It’s about time we talk about this.

Anyone who uses emojis would agree that this one’s creepy. Sleazy, mostly. Important to note is that 🌚 is the same as the 🌑 New Moon emoji, but with a humanized face, aka that smile. That damn smile.

If that wasn’t creepy enough 🌚 is also know as the “molester moon”. Geez.

The new moon phase is essentially a moonless night. That is, we can’t see the moon. In that case, 🌚 is quite discomforting, because although you can’t see the moon, the molester moon can see you. Bwahahaha.

Full Moon Face Emoji

🌝 Full Moon Face Emoji

Ah. Another moon face.

A 🌝 full moon is a phase of the moon that’s completely visible, larger, and brighter than always. But, in this case, with a face.

Sure, this emoji would be a brighter and fuller version of the previous moon, but it sure is a creepy and weird emoji given the expression on the “face”. On the other hand, it could suggest friendliness or anything positive.

There’s a face on the moon for heaven’s sake. A smiling face. Could it get any weirder?

Sun With Face Emoji

🌞 Sun With Face Emoji

For some reason, a sun with a smiling “face” seems more acceptable than a smiling moon or a smiling new moon. The reason could lie in the fact that many media sources for children have a smiling or laughing sun. Teletubbies, anybody?

The plain old ☀️ Sun doesn’t seem very entertaining, of course. So, how about, a smile on it. Aww. Well, not very aww, actually. A smiling sun is not very welcoming.

Last Quarter Moon Face Emoji

🌜 Last Quarter Crescent Moon Emoji

We also have a pair of crescent moons with faces. Cute? Maybe. Weird? Definitely. But, these moon faces can be different because they might have a good and educational reason to be on the list.

The 🌓 First Quarter Moon and the 🌗 Last Quarter Moon can get confusing since both “half-moon” emojis are shown with the dark side of the moon too. That makes it challenging to remember the corresponding faces of the moon with the right phases.

Thus comes in the 🌛 First Quarter Moon With a Face and the 🌜 Last Quarter Moon With a Face. Now, we’re clear about the direction of the mentioned crescent moons in their particular phases, with a face.

Weirdness is a valid component of human behavior and overall existence. But, like we’ve mentioned quite a few times, too much of something can ruin the very essence of it. Too much weirdness can get out of hand and affect the self and the ones around. While a healthy amount of weirdness is recommended, it’s critical to handle that thin line between being weird and being unacceptable. And you get to decide how much is too much.

If you’re spreading that wonderful sense of your unique weirdness online, or just talking about anything weird we hope these emojis come of use.