👷 Construction Worker


Building, Perfection, Skill, Knowledge, Discipline, Teamwork, Effort, Physical Strength

👷 Meaning: A gender-neutral description of a person with short hair, a yellow hard hat or safety helmet, and construction gear, which includes a comfortable tee shirt and a synthetic overcoat.

The 👷 Construction Worker emoji refers to any builder irrespective of gender and sex. This emoji signifies hard work, skill, dedication, discipline, teamwork, effort, and lots of physical strength.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 👷 Construction Worker Emoji

  • If you’ve built something at home and you’re either posting it on your social media stories or sending a DM to a friend, use 👷 in that context.
  • If you recently joined as a construction worker and you’re posting a picture of you at work or with your work buddies, you can use 👷 in the caption.
  • Since 👷 is a gender-neutral emoji, it’s a great option if you’re sensitive about your identity online.
  • 👷 can be used as an emoji response to any social media post on manual labor, construction, architecture, building designs, etc. You can also use this emoji while posting about these topics too.
  • If your kids or you (age is just a number) are watching the classic show, ‘Bob the Builder’ (or any similar one) and you’re putting a story about it on your social media handle either as ‘memories’ or ‘nostalgia’, use 👷 in that story.
  • Apart from these, 👷 can also be used to indicate the safety helmet here. For example, you can tag this emoji along with the “get home safe” text to add both concern and hilarity to the context.

Other Names

  • 👷 Gender-Neutral Construction Worker
  • 👷 Builder
  • 👷 Constructor
  • 👷 Bob the Builder
  • 👷 Manual Laborer
  • 👷 Infrastructure Builder
  • 👷 Face With Hat
  • 👷 Hard-Hat
  • 👷 Safety Helmet
  • 👷 Mason
  • 👷 Brick Layer
  • 👷 Construction Worker Costume