🧘 Person in Lotus Position


Yoga, Mediation, Relaxation, Introspection, Breathing Exercise, Padmasana, Pilates

🧘 Meaning: A gender-neutral description of the full-body profile of a person sitting in a lotus posture, with closed eyes, a meditative face, and an overall calming vibe.

The 🧘 Person in Lotus Position emoji refers to a person either meditating or beginning a session of yoga irrespective of gender and sex. This emoji can also signify a state of mental peace, introspection, and relaxation.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🧘 Person Sitting in Lotus Position Emoji

  • If you’re posting about your daily yoga or meditation routine, you can use 🧘 in the post caption or even within that tweet. This emoji can also be used while posting a picture you doing a yoga pose or even while posting a yogic video as a tutorial.
  • You can also use 🧘 while reposting or retweeting an inspiring video or picture about yoga, meditation, and/or inner peace.
  • If you’re trying to respond with a calm composure or a peaceful expression in any conversation, use 🧘. For example, if you’re bestie texted you about something trivial that he/she is super stressed out about, you can give all the advice you want and tag 🧘 , as a way of saying “It’ll all work out, chill out 🧘”.
  • If you’re sharing posts related to meditation and yoga, use 🧘. It can be the benefits of meditation, or ‘how to keep a yoga routine’, or yoga for beginners, any such informative content related to these themes.
  • If you love yoga, or you’re a really relaxed human or you’re in love with the inner peace that you’ve found, you can use 🧘 in your social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🧘 Gender-Neutral Yogi
  • 🧘 Practicing Yoga
  • 🧘 Meditation
  • 🧘 Relaxation
  • 🧘 Pilates
  • 🧘 Meditative Exercise
  • 🧘 Lotus-Position Discipline
  • 🧘 Physical Education
  • 🧘 Yoga Pose
  • 🧘 Padmasana