🙆 Person Gesturing OK


Approval, Agreement, Laid-Back, Ballet, Casual, Chilled Out, Relaxed, Unity

🙆 Meaning: A gender-neutral and shoulder-length portrayal of a person with short, side-parted hair and both the hands raised and held in the air. It can also seem like a relaxed way of holding the hands on the head.

As the name suggests, the 🙆 Person Gesturing OK emoji signifies a sense of agreement, approval, and more of an “Ok, whatever” kind of response. It can also suggest being laid-back, casual, and carefree.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🙆 Person Gesturing OK Emoji

  • If you want to seem relaxed and unbothered by certain texts or the overall vibe of the other person, you can use 🙆 to show them that their tact ain’t working.
  • You can also use 🙆 to show that you’re chilling at home and not in the mood to go out anywhere.
  • Funnily, 🙆 also looks like a ballerina. So, if you or someone you know very closely (like your child, or other family members) has joined or is regular to their ballet classes, then you can use this emoji while telling someone about it or posting ballet stories or pictures.
  • You can also use 🙆 in picture captions that are humorous to you and maybe eye-brow raising for a few others.
  • 🙆 can be used while casually approving of some small-scale and not-so-destructive plans that your homies or other groups of similar wavelengths are sketching up.

Other Names

  • 🙆 Lazy
  • 🙆 Relaxed
  • 🙆 Chilling
  • 🙆 Okay
  • 🙆 Whatever
  • 🙆 Cool
  • 🙆 Approving
  • 🙆 Ballerina
  • 🙆 Ballet
  • 🙆 Hands on Head
  • 🙆 Agreeing
  • 🙆 Casual
  • 🙆 Laid-Back