👳 Person Wearing Turban


Religion, Faith, Belief, Custom, Tradition, Ethnicity, Culture, Headgear, Fashion

👳 Meaning: A gender-neutral portrayal of a person’s face and a white turban tied around the head. Although said to be gender-neutral, this emoji mostly showcases a man.

The 👳 Person Wearing Turban emoji can either refer to a particular religious group or even a fashion statement. It signifies faith, religious respects, beliefs, culture, ethnicity, and tradition.

The color of the turban in this emoji would vary among platforms. It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👳 Person Wearing Turban Emoji

  • If you belong to a religion that adorns a turban as part of the religious custom, you can use 👳 in your social media name if you like being identified by your religion.
  • If you’re posting a picture of a religious gathering, or of you wearing a turban either as an everyday custom or for a particular event, you can use 👳 in the caption.
  • Apart from religion, 👳 can also denote a fashionable headgear. So, if you’re a fan of turbans and you either post pictures on social media of various turbans or of you adorning this fashion statement, then you can use this emoji in the post caption.
  • 👳 can also be used while wishing people for religious festivals among the Islamic, Arabic, and Sikh faiths.
  • 👳 can also refer to certain cultural ethnicities, besides religious identities. So, if you’re a part of a culture that adorns a turban as a daily custom or as an occasional attire, you can use this emoji in the caption while posting pictures of you or your family.

Other Names

  • 👳 Gender-Neutral Person Wearing Turban
  • 👳 Islam
  • 👳 Arab
  • 👳 Sikh
  • 👳 Bandana
  • 👳 Headgear
  • 👳 Man With Turban
  • 👳 Person With Turban
  • 👳 Religious Follower
  • 👳 Cultural Person