🧑‍🦱 Person: Curly Hair


Curly Hair, Natural Curls, Styled Curls, Beach Curls, Soft Curls, Short Curls

🧑‍🦱 Meaning: A generically designed gender-neutral face of a person with curly, short hair. It refers to any person with curly hair, irrespective of all biased labels. These curls could either be natural curls or styled curls.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🧑‍🦱 Person: Curly Hair Emoji

  • If you want to react to some fantastic curly hair that you came across on social media and not seem biased on any grounds, use 🧑‍🦱.
  • You can also use 🧑‍🦱 in picture captions for posts about your own curls or someone else’s; this would help secure your identity, in case you are sensitive about it.
  • If you’re sending some gorgeous curls to your buddies on DM, send along the 🧑‍🦱 emoji.
  • You could also use 🧑‍🦱 to describe a random person you walked past, but couldn’t get over their mesmerizing hair (creepy AF, but it happens! People have amazing hair!).

Other Names

  • 🧑‍🦱 Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Curly Hair
  • 🧑‍🦱 Coiled Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Natural Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Soft Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Afro
  • 🧑‍🦱 Wavy Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Beach Curls
  • 🧑‍🦱 Short Curls