Zodiac Series – The Emoji Version

Is it all about, from, and of the stars, after all?

While some of us are completely blown by the illogical belief of the stars controlling and empowering lives on earth, it’s something many of us believe in, religiously. But, it is noteworthy that most of the time, these horoscopes, astrological criteria, and predictions turn out to be exact!

Astrology might flow through your veins, to your brain, and become a part of you, or it could be noise in the background of something else that you seek. But facts remain that the twelve zodiacs do in fact rule the world, sometimes to unhealthy extents.

No, Sophia. You’re not fickle-minded because you’re a Gemini, you’re just terribly indecisive. Now tell me, where do you want to eat, goddamnit!

Aries Emoji

♈ Aries Emoji

Element 🔥 Fire
Ruling Planet – Mars
Symbol – The 🐏 Ram
Dates – March 20 to April 19
Color 🔴 Red
Called – Arien/Arian

Taurus Emoji

♉ Taurus Emoji

Element 🌏 Earth
Ruling Planet – Venus
Symbol 🐂 Bull (non-castrated, ofc)
Dates – April 19 to May 20
Color 🔵 Blue and 🟢 Green
Called – Taurian

Gemini Emoji

♊ Gemini Emoji

Element🌬️ Air
Ruling Planet – Mercury
Symbol – The 👯 Twins
Dates – May 20 to June 20
Color🟡 Yellow and 🥑 Light Green
Called – Geminian

Cancer Emoji

♋ Cancer Emoji

Element🌊 Water
Ruling Planet 🌕 Moon
Symbol🦀 Crab
Dates – June 20 to July 22
Color ⚪ White and 🍦 Cream
Called – Cancerian

Leo Emoji

♌ Leo Emoji

Element🔥 Fire
Ruling Planet The ☀️ Sun
Symbol🦁 Lion
Dates – July 22 to August 22
Color🔱 Gold, 🟠 Orange, and 🟡 Yellow
Called – Leo

Virgo Emoji

♍ Virgo Emoji

Element🌏 Earth
Ruling Planet – Mercury
Symbol – The 🫒 Virgin
Dates – August 22 to September 22
Color🟤 Brown, 🥈 Silver, and 🫐 Dark Violet
Called – Virgo/Virgoan

Libra Emoji

♎ Libra Emoji

Element🌬️ Air
Ruling Planet – Venus
Symbol – The ⚖️ Scales
Dates – September 22 – October 22
Color🌸 Pink and 🌃 Night Blue
Called – Libran

Scorpio Emoji

♏ Scorpio Emoji

Element🌊 Water
Ruling Planet – Mars and Pluto
Symbol🦂 Scorpion
Dates – October 22 to November 21
Color⚫ Black, 🐨 Grey, and 🩸 Blood Red
Called – Scorpio

Sagittarius Emoji

♐ Sagittarius Emoji

Element🔥 Fire
Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Symbol – The 🏹 Archer
Dates – November 21 to December 21
Color🥉 Bronze, 👖 Denim Blue, and 🥯 Beige
Called – Sag, Sagi

Capricorn Emoji

♑ Capricorn Emoji

Element🌏 Earth
Ruling Planet🪐 Saturn
Symbol🌊+🐐 Sea Goat
Dates – December 21 to January 20
Color🟤 Brown, and 🟠 Orange
Called – Capricorns

Aquarius Emoji

♒ Aquarius Emoji

Element🌬️ Air
Ruling Planet – Uranus
Symbol🌊+🏺 Water Bearer
Dates – January 19 to February 19
Color🦺 Fluorescent Shades, 🧑‍🦳 Silver Grey and 💙 Blue
Called – Aquarian

Pisces Emoji

♓ Pisces Emoji

Element🌊 Water
Ruling Planet – Neptune
Symbol🐟 Fish
Dates – February 19 to March 20
Color🟣 Purple and Mauve
Called – Piscean

Each of these zodiac signs that represent us, also represent constellations. This decreases the space between us, and a group of stars; either we’re a lot like them or vice versa. As tempting as this correlation is, it’s that much magnetizing to blame the fault in our stars when things don’t go as planned.

Not to say that the “fault” lies in us, but to remind you that you and only you can be in power and control of you. Not negating the obvious fact that zodiacs are eerily accurate, but stating that there is no basis of accuracy or “normalcy” in the first place. If that’d be true, we’d fit only into a puddle and ignore the ocean that awaits us.