🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia


Asia and Australia, The East, Eastern Continent, Globe, Global, International, The Earth, World

🌏 Meaning: A globe showing the Asian and Australian continents by marking the land with greenish-brown tints and the surrounding seas with a dash of royal blue.

The 🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia emoji signifies both these continents, everything in and about it as well. It can also be a common way of referring to the earth and the world (as it’s a part of the whole).

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How and When to Use the 🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia Emoji

  • Use 🌏 while posting or reposting anything particularly pertaining to the Asian and/or the Australian continents; it can be travel related content, gastronomy, politics, anything.
  • If you’re from any of these continents and you love globes, you can use 🌏 in your social media profile.
  • Since 🌏 forms a part of the entire world, it can still be used to represent phrases such as ‘my world’, ‘my people’, ‘my everything’, blah blah blah cupid loves you, etc.
  • Speaking of long-distance relationships, if the one you love lives in any of these continents while you live elsewhere, you can use 🌏 while posting pictures of or with them on social media or even while texting them in your mushy love language.
  • 🌏 can also be used in general themes such as planet earth, the earth, the world, global and international.

Other Names

  • 🌏 Asia and Australia
  • 🌏 Asian and Australian Continents
  • 🌏 Eastern Continent
  • 🌏 The East
  • 🌏 Globe
  • 🌏 Planet Earth
  • 🌏 The Earth
  • 🌏 The World
  • 🌏 Global
  • 🌏 International