🏺 Amphora


Antiquity, Antique Container, Greek and Roman Times, Vase, History, Archaeology

🏺 Meaning: A tall container with a vase-like design painted in deep orange and two symmetrical handles in brown on either side of the neck and a circular base of the same color. It also has a thick detailed band in brown at the center, which highlights the entire emoji.

The 🏺 Amphora emoji signifies antiquity. Being a significant Greek and Roman antique container for products such as oils, water, and even wine, this emoji evokes themes such as the past, ancestry, archaeology, museums, historic preservation, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🏺 Amphora Emoji

  • While sharing pictures and/or videos of an amphora painting, an amphora section in a museum, or anything like this, use 🏺 in such post captions.
  • Besides, 🏺 does not only refer to the amphora. It can be used in post captions or even text messages to support themes mentioned in the previous section. For example, “History is a beautiful place to visit for some artistic revival 🏺”.
  • 🏺 can also be used while posting or reposting pictures of vases, antique water containers (that are not necessarily amphorae), etc.
  • Since the amphora is an antique earthenware or dishware, 🏺 can also be used while posting anything about historic cooking and cooking. You could also use this emoji while referring to such frameworks in the modern era too. Like, “Passing on this traditional oil made with a well-kept secret ingredient 🏺. Place your orders soon!”
  • If you’re a fan of history or you’re an archaeology student/professional, you can use 🏺 in your social media profile name as well.

Other Names

  • 🏺 Ornament
  • 🏺 Antique Vase
  • 🏺 Vase
  • 🏺 Antique Container
  • 🏺 Painted Container
  • 🏺 Urn
  • 🏺 Designed Urn
  • 🏺 Orange Urn